Big Dreams to Big Adventure

Sometimes it’s not the actual challenge of the adventure that stops us from undertaking it, but rather getting to the start of the adventure.  You talk yourself out of it before you’ve even seriously considered the idea.  In most cases it’s hard to know where to start, and when thought of in its entirety, can be really overwhelming.  That feeling combined with all the reasons why you ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do it, often means that the adventure continues to just be a dream.

So how do you go from dreaming your big adventure to actually completing it?

1. Probably the most important thing to not do is think of the adventure in its entirety.  Don’t think of the distance or the difficulty.  Don’t think of the long list of things you’ve got to do before you even start the adventure.  If you think of it in its entirety, then it will be so overwhelming you will never take the first step.  The key is to break it into small steps or stages, and only ever think about the next step or stage. 

2. Write down your biggest fear that you think is stopping you from doing your adventure.  It doesn’t matter how trivial or silly it seems.  It could be that you’re worried about the toilets, or the food.  It could be what might happen at home in your absence, or not wanting to leave the kids for the amount of time required for your adventure.  It could be that you’re worried about ‘failing’ and how embarrassed you’ll be if that happens.  Now think about your fear, and think ‘what really is the worst that could happen?’  It will never be worse than the regret of having not even tried.

3. What’s one small thing you can do today that will be a step towards your adventure?  It could be paying the deposit on a tour or booking a flight to the destination.  It could be applying for annual leave, or talking to your husband / partner about timing around your other commitments and subsequently arranging cover or extra help.

4. Further commit to your adventure by telling your friends and family that you are going to do it.  Hopefully you have supportive family and friends who will high five you and congratulate your commitment to your adventure.  If you do face negativity, try to remember that criticism and negativity come from people as a result of their own shortcomings.  Sadly, so many people, especially women, are talked out of achieving their dreams by other people.  Surround yourself with positive people who will support and encourage you.

Finally, just do it!  I already know your reaction to this, and yes, it is that simple! There will always be lots of reasons why you ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’.  You can’t afford it, you can’t take time off work, the kids need me, I’m not fit enough, I don’t have the time to train, I’ve never done anything like that before, etc., etc.  The list is endless, and they are all just excuses!

Committing yourself is the first and hardest step.  Once you take that first step, the rest will happen and before you know it you will have achieved your dream, and be wondering what you were so worried about in the first place! 

Caroline x  


Caroline Packer

Caroline is a writer, freedom enthusiast and disciple of the trail.  Since first meeting herself on an 820km walk across Spain, Caroline has become an avid believer in the transformative power to be found outside daily routine, beyond self-imposed limitations and within the completion of individual challenge.  Caroline helps to inspire ordinary women to explore beyond their comfort zones and challenge themselves to complete things they never thought possible.