Being Here - Uncovering your inner wild

Sometimes it takes a trip to a wild place to remember just how brave, connected, vulnerable and free we can be. Where is your wild place?
We’ve all been there: unpacking from a trip and dreading work the next day, struggling to feel balanced during endless weeks of busyness, longing for the release of our time out in the backcountry. We go to wild places to reconnect with our souls, to reconnect with each other and to remember our place in the universe. But most of us can’t live in those wild places full time. We come back home, back to work. And that might actually be the most important reason to go “out there” in the first place
— Hilary Oliver

First Published on 9th June: HERE

Writer and director: Hilary Oliver | Juniper Media 

Director of photography: Becca Skinner 

Editor: Whitney Oliver 

Additional footage: Hilary Oliver 

Sound mix: Amy Stolzenbach

Music: White Lies | Odesza