The Captivating Aurora Australis

Top of our Bucket List is to see the Northern Lights - preferably in Iceland. So imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon the most stunning images of an Aurora right here in our own backyard! The Aurora Australis puts on a spectacular show  and we've been lucky enough to discover some very adventurous Aussie women whose passion it is to go and take photos of it. We've collected some of our favourites for your viewing pleasure (we can hear the "Ooo"s & "Ahhs" from here). We also had the pleasure of finding out a little more about some of the photographers, so read on!

Meet some of Australia's Aurora Australis Adventuress Photographers 

Lena Wisby - Margate Tasmania

Lena Wisby - Margate Tasmania


Lena Wisby

I began chasing Aurora around a year or so again and ever since have been passionate about it and I am often out under the stars. This picture was taken at Clifton Beach with friends and my niece Bellah. Bellah was visiting from the mainland and I wanted for her to see the Aurora if at all possible and whilst she stayed she had the blessing of a naked eye viewing. Not all Aurora are naked eye and some can only be seen in camera with longer exposures. The Aurora this night you could clearly see, the were Beams dancing high into the sky and the arc formation flittering before your eyes, needless to say she was amazed and I am sure it will be a night she will not soon forget.
Aurora is something I doubt I will ever tire of as all are different and one is never the same as the other, different colours, different formations, and I always get a huge buzz from shooting them and seeing them in camera but much more so when I can see them naked eye, it is something everyone should see at least once in a lifetime.
Want to see more of Lena's photos? You can check out her Facebook Page Lena’s Lens Photography.

Rosalie Dibben

Where do you hail from? Jamestown, South Australia
Tell us a little about your pics: These shots were taken March 17 near Marree in South Australia on a photography workshop with Julie Fletcher. We were out doing some sunset/early evening shots when we picked up the pink on camera. We couldn't believe what we seeing considering how far north we were.  Shooting an aurora has always been a goal, but they aren't very common where I live. So far I have missed out when I've been far enough south to pick them up if they occurred. Shooting my first aurora from northern South Australia was pretty amazing!
If people want to see more of your pics?  I have an ETSY store - RJDImages and I'm on Instagram  @rosaliej45

Rosalie Dibben - South Australia

Rosalie Dibben - South Australia

Rachael Daniels - Trail Bay Tasmania 

Rachael Daniels - Trail Bay Tasmania 

Rachael Daniels

Rachael is currently living in Hobart Tasmania, and her photos were taken in Trial Bay (just south of Kettering) Tasmania. 

"I really enjoy taking Aurora photos, it’s the opportunity to see one of nature’s marvels. I love the fact that the Auroras can be so variable and also so elusive at times. They can tease by fading in and out, or promising an amazing show which then actually occurs in daylight hours or when the sky is covered in cloud, so you miss out after all that anticipation.  Makes it worthwhile when you get to capture their beauty. "

You can see more of Rachael's Photography on her website

What is an Aurora?

"An aurora is a natural light display in the sky (from the Latin word aurora, "sunrise"), predominantly seen in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions. Auroras are caused by charged particles, mainly electrons and protons, entering the atmosphere from above causing ionisation and excitation of atmospheric constituents, and consequent optical emissions. Incident protons can also produce emissions as hydrogen atoms after gaining an electron from the atmosphere." (source: wikipedia)


Amy Heague

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