All in Play

Conquering Fear

People often ask me if I ever get frightened photographing wild animals. The answer is “no”. I have stood next to black bears while they fished for salmon. I have remained absolutely still while wild horses galloped straight towards me. No, being out in the wild doesn’t scare me. What really terrifies me is surgery. 

Dear Me

Dear Me,

Do you understand it now ? You empower others when you empower yourself.  It requires you to build a bank of trust every day, not with other people, but with yourself.  Each and every day… remember this! 

Signed Self

The Team Beyond The Dream

When we build a strong team around us, we not only inspire and motivate but we also role model behaviours that show others an alternative path to exercising solo, one where the success and celebration are magnified due to having shared the journey.

My First Rogaine

When this city girl met her action-adventure husband there was always going to be a clash of ideas as to what constitutes a great way to spend a weekend. So when my seven-time-Antarctic-expeditioner UN-post-disaster-first-responder husband suggested a six-hour rogaine using just a map and compass to navigate our way around a state park three-hours drive from Melbourne I wasn’t immediately on board.

 The Importance of Showing Up

In following our hearts and souls out to the trails, to the mountains, to the ocean, or to the extremities of our capabilities, we are paving a new road of movement. We represent what happens when we tune into our authentic selves and say ‘yes’ to the adventures we are yearning for and when we show up in these spaces and be visible, we are proving what we already know, we can achieve anything.