Authentic Dreaming

Fighting 'FOMO' and setting sail for an authentically adventurous life!

It’s no secret that I am passionate about promoting the journeys and stories of adventurous women. It is indisputable that we draw inspiration from the endeavours of others, and this inspiration is often the catalyst for growth and goal setting in our own lives.  Recently, however, I can’t help but notice a tendency within myself and others to leap into adventures that were perhaps someone else’s dream, not our own. 

Where does the line between inspiration and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) become blurred and how do we ensure that we are setting sail on our own authentic adventurous sail?
Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that there are some dreams that are too big, NEVER! What I am saying is that sometimes we set goals based on what excites others, and this can disconnect us from finding what really sets our soul on fire. For me, I have found myself on the back of a horse thinking… “I hate horse riding, always have. What am I doing here?” I have found myself running races over beaches, “but I hate sand running…” Why? Because I saw others doing it on Facebook, and they looked like they were having amazing fun! Often there is a group of my friends doing something and guess what? I develop a ‘fear of missing out’! 

Have you ever found yourself doing something that everyone told you would be fun, whilst the whole time thinking “GET ME OUT OF HERE!”?
Sometimes the journey to finding adventures that connect us to who we are and build our confidence can be a little bumpy, but hey, that’s half the fun right? Some things may scare you a little or even a lot, but as long as this emotion comes with an equal or greater measure of excitement and joy… LEAP! Challenge yourself to begin your adventure. But, before we invest our money and more importantly our energy, what things do we need to think about to ensure that we are being authentic and investing our time, spirit and finances in adventures that are truly intrinsically motivated?
• Have I done something like this before? If yes, did I enjoy it?
• Is this aligned with my values and my ethos?
• Who inspired me to do this? (If anyone)
• Why do they inspire me? Is it that person or the adventure itself that I am drawn to?
• When I think of myself doing this activity or adventure do I feel genuinely excited?
• How will I feel after I do this? Will it build my confidence?
• How does this fit with MY reality? What impact will it have on my world and the people I love?
• What will this adventure give me? 

Write down all the positive things you can think of intrinsic and extrinsic.
What will this adventure cost me? (Financially, emotionally, physically etc.)

Of course it would be a little unrealistic and silly to go through this list every time you find yourself thinking about signing up to an event, booking a hot air balloon ride, or getting dragged along to a horse riding adventure with your girlfriends. But as you leap into your adventurous life and start investing more of yourself in this brave new way of living, be sure you are staying true to yourself and YOUR dreams. Having this connection and authenticity will ensure your journey has longevity and your fire is always burning bright!

By Jo Brishetto - Summit Sisters

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