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The Day My Purse Stood Up For Body Positivity

The Day My Purse Stood Up For Body Positivity

"I know it was seeing your 2XU photos that gave me the shove to complete my first tri" 

It is comments like that in response to Leah Gilbert's latest post, "The Day my Purse Stood Up for Body Positivity" that spur us on here at Travel Play Live. So we ask, "Why isn’t body diversity part of brand-specific identity"? Fair enough if you stock sizes 6 to 12, but to produce items from sizes 6 to 22, then not promote that you stock those larger sizes in your advertising? It doesn't make sense to us either! Why isn’t athletic diversity considered in marketing? Isn't it something you would want to shout from the rooftops if you were wanting to sell your gear, considering women's bodies are diverse and we make a damn lot or purchase decisions?

"One of the major issues in my Body Positivity advocacy is to encourage sporting brands who stock sizes 14-up to actually feature athletes 14-up in their gear. As someone who has previously worked in fashion and retail for many years, I know that by doing this, they will not only have people running to their stores or jumping online to buy the product they now know will fit them, but brands become immediately more relatable. 

This was particularly the case when a mainstream brand such as 2XU Australia did it with an image of me in my tri suit and subsequent sponsorship. Within an hour of posting the image of me on their Instagram account, this was exactly what was happening. People were posting comments such as “I have been searching for ages if plus size can wear 2XU Australia clothes as I never see pics of anyone plus sized. So thanks to you I am going to brave it and buy some.”

"I understand that celebrating body diversity is relatively unchartered territory for many brands, and that it seems you also get smashed for whatever effort you make to do so, but until then I believe I must withhold my money from your purses. Not out of spite, but because I would rather direct my money toward a brand who WAS celebrating the physical diversity of athleticism that we so desperately keep asking for. Its time we reward the brands who are paving the way to make it easier for you once you decide to jump on the diversity bandwagon. Which means I must run as I need to go and find myself a new pair of swimmers."

Leah Gilbert, we are so glad you are part of our Travel Play Live Team!
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Excerpts from this post are taken from Leah Gilbert's blog Body Positive Athletes . We are very proud to have Leah as one of our regular contributors here at Travel Play Live.

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