Issue 8 - Winter.

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Adventuresses of Change

Adventuresses of Change

Introducing the "Adventuresses of Change" series in the Travel Play Live Journal.

"There have been many times where the needs & the state of the world have overwhelmed me. Then there are moments when those same needs have set my heart on fire with an unshakable compassion that won’t stop whispering in my heart, no matter how much I might want to dull their cry. I’m no one in particular, and my contribution to change is just a drop in the ocean of need, BUT, it is these moments that have propelled me into a world adventure I could never have imagined.

I have had the great honour of meeting numerous men & women who selflessly give of their time, lives and resources every day to make a difference in the world around them in the areas where their hearts have been set on fire by compassion. It is inspiring to see their ‘drop in the ocean’ making a difference. Many of these people get very little recognition for their tireless work, and for most, the title of hero would be humbly denied. 

For me, this is the face of adventure: Wrestling with injustice, daily living outside your comfort zone, serving selflessly, loving fiercely and in the face of the mountain, continuing to step out in the knowledge that “to succumb to the enormity of the problem is to fail the one”.

So as a part of our Travel Play Live Journal, I will be introducing you to the inspiring work of these Aussie Adventuresses of Change, Justice & Compassion. 
Their journey, their work, the ups & downs and how you can be apart of the change. 

Together we can make a difference the world. One heart & life at a time."

Amy xx

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