The All Aussie Adventuress

Introducing my #allaussieadventuress Blog in our Journal from tomorrow. My idea is for you to meet some of the amazing women I've met over the past years, girls who excel at their chosen active adventure pursuits, girls following their dreams and girls who want to share their passion for life who encourage others to challenge themselves and grow. 
Plus I'll be getting their tips and expert advice when it comes to training, gear and events, plus how best to get started if you're a novice. 
So by all means fire away with suggestions and questions for my regular blog content! 
I also want to meet you, hear your story and share it here. 
Adventure is out there for us all, and everyone has a great story, so share yours with me, you just never know who you could inspire! 
Kez x


Kerryann Hayes

Travel Play Live Co- Founder, Adventure Editor & Events Co-Ordinator