Building Better Lives for the World's Poorest People

Here at Travel Play Live we are passionate about social justice, and we aim to bring awareness to programs around the globe that are doing amazing work within their local communities. Most of the organisations we support are small grass roots organisations and we love their passion for what they do and we want to help them spread the word about their work to the world. Understanding the importance of accountability and transparency when it comes to charity work and non government organisations, we have partnered with Global Development Group to ensure that the organisations we support & the funds that we raise are handled to the best of our ability. It is a great honour to introduce them to you now.

Who & What is Global Development Group (GDG)?

We are a ‘home-grown’ Australian non-government humanitarian aid and development organisation based in Brisbane. We were formed in 2002 and are based out of our head offices located in Brisbane, Australia. We carry out humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty in a tangible way. We provide long term solutions through the provision of quality aid development projects in approved countries.

What is Global Development Group's mission?

To relieve poverty and provide long term solutions through quality aid and development projects together with our project partners around the world.
Global Development Group is committed to helping achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  Most (if not all) of our approved aid & development projects are constructed with reference to helping achieve one or more of these eight crucial development goals. The goals provide a helpful summary of the crucial needs of development and also of the commitment required to make a significant difference in achieving them by 2015. The need is great but the human cost of doing nothing or little is much higher than the investment required to tackle these global problems. By standing and working together with those less fortunate we can all make a difference for all and not just for the few.
The eight MDGs were developed from the eight chapters of the United Nations Millennium Declaration, signed by 189 countries, including 147 Heads of State, in September 2000 at the largest-ever gathering of world leaders. These eight goals have 21 targets in total, with measurable indicators for the progress and achievement of each target by 2015.
These targets are ambitious and embody commitments by all signatory countries to:

  • reduce world wide poverty and hunger
  • tackle poor-health
  • gender inequality
  • lack of education
  • lack of access to clean water
  • environmental degradation
  • and foster development effectiveness through cooperation

What are kind of projects do you support & where?

GDG is involved in a number of areas worldwide – probably too many to mention here.  However, a lot of our work revolves around education, capacity building and health and hygiene.

GDG Monitoring Trip- Cambodia & Laos - February 2013 At the event GDG staff and partners discussed topics aimed at improving aid & development effectiveness across our Cambodian projects.

GDG Monitoring Trip- Cambodia & Laos - February 2013
At the event GDG staff and partners discussed topics aimed at improving aid & development effectiveness across our Cambodian projects.

Why are these kind of projects so important?

Of course each project is designed to have outcomes appropriate to the needs of the community in which it operates – however, generally speaking the projects Global Development Group does are important because they are designed to reach the poorest of the poor and help them to change their respective communities for the better.

Why is accountability in the project work so important?

Accountability is critical throughout the international development sector.  Global Development Group could not operate without the trust of project beneficiaries, donors, and the various governments of the countries in which we work.  Our commitment to accountability - and transparency –are important reasons why we’re so well trusted, and really one of the reasons why we’re able to do such successful projects.

How are donations to GDG projects used?

All of GDG’s projects are done at the grassroots level with heavy participation from local stakeholders.  As such all donations to GDG are spent efficiently and appropriately – and take into account the needs and situations on the ground at the project level.   Donors can be assured that their donations are reaching the poorest of the poor and facilitating some truly amazing development projects.

How can readers find out more about GDG?

You can find out more about GDG and the work we do by liking us on Facebook  or visiting our website 

Thank you GDG.

If you would like to find out more about the organisations we are supporting you can read more HERE 

Want to get involved? Why not join us on our 2015 Cycle4Cambodia Active Humanitarian Tour . You can check our the itinerary HERE , or check out some of the facts & figures HERE


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