The Social Media Self Confidence Conundrum


Hands up if you have ever fallen into a self-confidence rut whilst looking through your social media newsfeed? 

 A subject not talked about too often, but one we know is increasingly real, simply because we spend many more hours looking in on the lives of others and because we are human.  

As women we know for a well-maintained self-esteem, it's important not to compare ourselves to others. 

Specifically though, not to compare our "worst moments" to others social media 'best of' moments. 

What is often presented on social media are ones 'highlights of life' 'us at our best' and we can be often left feeling flat or leave others feeling flat, by our successes, & exuding happiness in holiday snaps, family photos, great parties & award winning moments.

In the real world though, we know life isn't like that the majority of the time. In fact, moments like those are very rare in the scale of time, yet that's still how we compare. Our worst to someone else's best and this is where our self-esteem takes a beating.

We forget that our days are often made up of busy starts, messy houses, arguments with the kids /hubby/partner/parents, the work deadlines, health & financial worries etc. and those too are big parts of our lives. 

I honestly believe though, that when we focus on our highlights, and all we have to be grateful for, that life does turn into a series of high points of celebration for us all. 

The other stuff doesn't go away, but where our attention goes our energy flows and it can open our eyes to the beauty of our world, your world, with you standing right in the middle of it, at the centre of your own beautiful universe. 

I have no commentary about what one should or should not post on social media. I think that's up to you. But if you have ever felt like this reading your social media newsfeed, turn it off and review all the crazy, awesome moments in your life and you will soon discover what you have. Then be sure to take pause to be thankful for those things you show the world and all you have today. 



Amy Heague

With over 20 years experience in the Arts & Media arena, Amy is a creative, dynamic and outside of the box thinker and public speaker.
Passionate about empowering women to discover their unique gifting and skills they have to ‘bring to the table’ be it in their professional or personal lives.