Detour to Adventure

It may seem like the classic "I quit my job to travel" millennial story but read how Jennah-Louise forced her fears into submission and started a new life that took her to Nepal via Kenya and India and you might just recognise yourself in there somewhere

Mind Your Mouth

“Oh no, I am eating something ‘bad’. I can’t believe I am doing this again." This thought process of a ‘mindless’ eater gets stuck in a loop, with additional layers of self-loathing added in with each repetition, while stripping away self-esteem at an equally damaging rate.

The Magic of Macedonia

It’s no wonder Macedonia is leaping on to the adventure travel scene. This is the ultimate adventurous can-do country with a personal kind of magic. On a five-day mountain bike trip around the country’s southwest region, fulfilling our group’s random demands became an informal game of “meet that challenge”.