Unleash your inner child, free spirit and sense of fun. We’re giving you the opportunity to climb, paddle, hike, camp, laugh, reach summits, ride waves, and yes – even to fly.


Key Electives

Our key electives provide you with the opportunity to have guided experiences in an supportive environment with trusted guides and coaches on hand. Challenge yourself with new experiences and leave with the knowledge and confidence to pursue them afterwards.


Experience the thrill of white water kayaking and learn some vital techniques in this basic skills development session.

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This is a basic skills development session for those who would like to get involved in whitewater kayaking, working on and developing the skills necessary for paddling in moving / whitewater environments.

The course will introduce subjects to:

  • Equipment
  • River reading
  • Safety and rescue

The workshop has a focus and coaching on developing personal paddling skills.

Our experienced guides will paddle with you through remote areas that are accessible only by water so you can discover why the Barrington River is considered one of the best white water kayaking and canoeing rivers in NSW, for adventurers of any skill level.

If you've never tried abseiling this is the perfect opportunity to master the basics and open up a world of climbing adventures.

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Designed for participants with little or no previous experience. Our professional team will cover safety topics including:

  • Fitting of harnesses and the use of descending devices
  • Familiarisation with the important safety procedures
  • How to use the correct abseiling skills
  • Techniques to ensure you have some exhilarating fun!


Learn the art of riding waves with this fun-filled, surf-side clinic. Gain your confidence in the ocean or push your surfing to the next level.

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This is a great opportunity to improve your confidence in the ocean. Beginners will get the knowledge and ability to:

  • Assess the surf
  • Lean how to catch a wave
  • Paddle out
  • Ride a wave in with a smile on your face!

More advance surfers will be coached to push their board riding to the next level.


Experience the thrill of mountain biking with expert coaches. Learn all about the bike, then practice your new skills on local trails.

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This workshop consists of on-and-off-the-bike instruction and riding. Specific instruction will be given on:

  • General Bike Fit Guidelines
  • Mounting and Dismounting Technique
  • Body Position, Focus and Balance
  • Pedalling Techniques
  • Gearing/Shifting
  • Braking Techniques
  • Climbing Technique
  • Cornering Techniques, on Uphill, Downhill and Switchbacks
  • Bike Handling Drills

Beginner and intermediate rider options available.


A running experience that offers you advice, guidance and valuable insight into what’s required to become the best off road runner ‘you’ can be.

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Whether you are new to the sport of trail running, or you would like more insight into mastering the trails, this activity will get you on your feet. Through the skills, drills and hills our experienced coaches will cover all the ‘must knows’ and answer all of your questions while you take in the beauty of our national parks.


Learn proven trekking techniques to help you to best negotiate rugged terrain for hiking longevity, and experience our national parks.

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Get tips from our experts on:

  • Protecting your body
  • Use of trekking poles
  • Strategic backpack loading
  • Proper footwear and socks
  • Planning for single and multi day hikes


Our experienced navigation coaches will give you all the basics to navigate confidently while you explore our national parks.

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Our experienced navigation coaches are experts in the outdoor sports requiring map and compass skills. They will teach you how to orient a map, use a compass, follow waypoints and find checkpoints confidently. These are essential tools you can use for pleasure or sports such as orienteering, rogaining or adventure racing.


Build a foundation of balance and strength whilst you explore the freedom of gliding on the pristine waters of the beautiful Great Lakes.

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Gain the basic stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) skills and techniques that are needed to enjoy your time on the water. You'll leanr to paddle effectively and safely, incorporating the natural elements of water, wind and sunshine.


How Electives are structured:

Don't worry, you don't have to participate in all of the electives. You get to choose what you do, at your own pace. All our workshops and activities are designed so that regardless of your skill level you will be able to participate. We’ve chosen the best coaches, guides and professionals in their field who are as passionate as we are to help you have the best weekend of adventure possible – in fact we encourage you to make time for lounging in a hammock and chilling throughout the Summit.

We've put together a sample timetable so you can get an idea of what happens each day at the summit (click to expand):

Sample Timetable

Day 1 – Thursday 31st August- 5pm Official Summit Opening

We kick off the Summit with a traditional Welcome to Country, Smoking Ceremony and acknowledgement to Worimi Country. Our dinner will feature delicious local produce and wine, showing off the best of the local region. Your Travel Play Live Hosts Amy and Kerryann will introduce the delegates to our awesome line up of speakers, ambassadors and coaches and our Keynote Speaker for the evening Kemi Nekvapil will speak on ‘Giving Yourself Permission and Saying Yes to Adventure’.

Day 2 – Friday 1st September

Today all delegates will head out to Barrington Tops where we will all participate in Whitewater Kayaking, you will then get to choose one of the following options – Abseiling or Mountain Biking. There will also be a Hiking option if there are suitable numbers not wishing to participate in any of the above options.

Tonight we will have an have a Round Table Panel discussion lead by our Ambassadors Hayley Talbot and Sam Gash with fireside Baileys and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate.

Day 3 – Saturday 2nd September

  • Before breakfast, start the day right with a morning sunrise meditation or hit the early morning trails or just sleep in – up to you.

Today we welcome our Day Pass holders into Base Camp

This morning for our first session you get to choose from one of the following:

  • SUPing OR Trail Running OR Navigation Basics

From 10:30 our Base Camp will become a hive of activity and we will have a delicious food truck on site for some extra special treats. Participants will get to choose from a wide selection of electives throughout the day including:

  • Packing It - all the tips, equipment and gear essentials for hiking whether you are on a one day or multi day hike.
  • Bushfoods Tour
  • The Art of Layering
  • Body Maintenance
  • Outdoor Apps and Gadgets
  • Nature Immersion and Awareness
  • Climbing Wall and the Giant Swing
  • Wellness for Wilderness Athletes
  • Your 1st Adventure Race
  • Outdoor Happy Snaps and Photography Tips
  • Navigation Basics
  • Extreme Gourmet
  • Girl – Bike – Love
  • Walking the Camino
  • Leave No Trace: Blood, Sweat, Tears and Number 2’s
  • Wilderness Survival – Knots, Shelter, Fire and Keeping Safe Outdoors
  • Special Screening of the Dirty Girls Adventure Film Tour

We wrap up the day with a delicious presentation from celebrity Chef Jane Grover ‘Sips, and Summit Sunset Selfies’, and presentations from our Key Note Speakers: Caro Ryan, Leah Gilbert and Caroline Pemberton

Day 4 – Sunday 3rd September

This morning before breakfast you can choose from

  • Trekking and Navigation – application session
  • Bodyboarding
  • Morning Meditation

We then come together to share our final breakfast together and Kemi Nekvapil will be hosting a workshop to bring together all the weekends experiences, life lessons and applications.

As we head off to pack up, we will open up the final activities onsite and if you haven't had a go yet, head over to the climbing wall and test your nerve on the Giant Swing.

Through out the weekend our Ambassadors will be joining our delegates at the various electives and workshops to support and encourage you in learning new skills and trying new adventurous pursuits. Click here to meet our Ambassadors and Speakers.

*A full list of electives, workshops and activities can be downlowded NOW. All delegates will have the opportunity to sign up for their preferred electives and activities where numbers are limited.

More activities will be added in the following weeks, so check back soon!



There will be a broad selection of adventure clinics and workshops designed to challenge the body and mind, leaving you with a brand new attitude and a whole set of new skills.


What would you do if you got stranded on an adventure? Learn and practice vital survival skills in this adventure workshop.

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Survival skills are an essential to the adventures we love. You'll learn practical tips and strategies about:

  • Emergency priorities
  • Shelters
  • Safe drinking water
  • Emergency kits.

You'll also get to practice these new skills in an interactive scenario.


Want advice on what to pack for an overnight trip, multiday hike or overseas expedition? Then this workshop is for you.

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From efficiently packing your bag to carrying it comfortably, and everything you may want to consider taking when preparing yourself for an overnight trip, multiday hike or overseas expedition.


Get the answers to everything you want to know but aren't quite sure of when heading out to explore.

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Here’s your chance to ask those all important questions and find out the invaluable benefit of proper planning, equipment knowhow, and the tips, tricks and ideas that will answer some of your outdoor unknowns.


Understand the basics of map-reading, the proper use of your compass, and how these two skills work together.

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Our skilled navigators will deliver a practical session where you can expand and execute your new found knowledge.


A workshop for those wanting to capture some outdoor action and nature photography beyond the occasional selfie?

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Our team will get you started with tips and tricks on how to take better photos, on your cameras and iPhones.


Ever wondered what to food to take on a multi-day hike? Discover what to make and how to pack it, and how to prep it on the trails.

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Learn how to make and pack your own lightweight non-perishable meals, that taste great too? Perfect for multi day hikes and endurance events and long expeditions on the road.


Make your next camping trip an unforgettable gourmet experience with these great recipes and ideas!

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Move on over Jamie Oliver….. We all know food tastes better in the outdoors but this workshop takes it up a level!


Get clued up on the ins and outs of the various hydration options for small events to multi day expeditions.

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Whether running, mountain biking, or meandering on trails to enjoy the scenery, BRAND will have the right hydration pack ready for you.


Explore and experience the benefits of a collection of nourishing essentials and pampering basics for the outdoors.

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Discover a range of products to make your next adventure a little more glamourous. The range includes:

  • Cooling & Refreshing Sprays
  • Moisturisers
  • Sunscreens and more


Join us to discuss all things supplements and natural health alternatives for adventure pursuits.

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This workshop will explore the What, When and Why of supplementation for the everyday adventurer to the adventure athlete.


Learn to mobilise your body for increased performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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The more you explore, the more you need to restore. Learn how getting your body moving increases athletic performance so you can perform better, lessen soreness, reduce your injury risk and stay adventuring for longer.


Are you looking for tips on the training, gear and route you should take on a Camino adventure?

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Whether you’re unsure about what gear you will need, what training you should do or which route you should take, the tips in this workshop will leave you feeling fully prepared to take on your Camino journey.


Open your heart and expand your sense of adventure at the very start of the day with a sunrise meditation workshop.

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Welcome the morning with mindfullness! You'll be coached on focussing your breathing, thinking of positive affirmations and practicing gentle movement that will open your heart and expand your sense of adventure!


Join this session to cool down after a big day of adventure and centre your energy as you prepare for the evening highlights.


For some great fun, join our climbing instructors and improve your footwork, hand placement,and body positioning.

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Learn the basics of rock climbing so you can move more efficiently on the rock or advance your climbing skills for longer and more challenging climbs.


Learn to look after your baby! Get clued up on lubing a chain, fixing a flat and what to carry on your rides in case of emergency.

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You'll also learn how to make minor adjustments that will keep your rides smooth. No experience is necessary for this demonstration only workshop.


Choose from various time based distances and start your morning in time for the glorious sunrise on your run over one of our favourite local jaunts.


A soul elixir and natural meditative experience. Join our team on the trail for an evening sunset experience.

Workshops are subject to change. Final selection will be confirmed closer to the event.